Water Based Lubricant, Full Size

Water Based Lubricant, Full Size

Water Based Lubricant, Full Size

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Water Based Lubricant - Full Size (8oz)

The water-based version of the longest lasting personal lubricant in the world. 

You won't need to interrupt your session to reapply. This moisturising lube keeps doing it's job, so you can too.

Our proprietary blend is formulated to feel like liquid satin, it's not a gel and it's not too runny. Fully FDA approved. Condom compatible. Not Tested on Animals.

Most customers opt for a subscription; you'll save money and always be ready.

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        This is by far the best lube I’ve ever tried. It feels like liquid silk! I tend to prefer an oil-based lube because it is more long-lasting than water-based or silicone-based ones, but I decided to give this one a go and I couldn’t be more satisfied!


        Great item, anal is amazing with this! It stays slippery no need to keep adding. Can go fast and hard for a good hour! Best lube htere is out there.


        Fantastic 10/10. It's non-sticky and lasted longer than expected and great for pleasure 😉. Will definitely recommend it 100% 😍😍😍😍


        Quality product.
        Outstanding lubricant. You only need a few drops.
        Smooth and silky.


        My boyfriend and I have tried a fair few lubes. We found this one to last well and enabled us to have some slippy fun ;)


        Simply the best

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