Scott's Free Lube Offer

Hey there stranger ;)
Scott here. 
This is a great opportunity for a win/win. I'd like to give you a free bottle of Lüb in exchange for you writing a review for me a week or so after it arrives.
It's a brand new formulation that we've tested against all the big brands: 
Lüb lasts longer!!
Sound good?
Here are the steps I need you to take:
1) Head to
2) Search for 'flavorless lube' or 'latex safe lube'
3) Find the listing with our bottles shown here:
If you can't find them, let me know and I'll send a direct link :)
4) Buy a Travel Bottle of Lüb, and send a screenshot of the order (including price + shipping) to with your Paypal email address
5) I will reimburse you for your purchase over Paypal, and after a week or so of enjoying your Lüb, you can write me an Amazon review!
It's as easy as 1 to 5! I really appreciate your eagerness to be an early adopter of my product and try out what I've been working on behind the scenes. I know you'll love it ;)
For bonus extra credit: ask a question on the listing too! Anything you like about the product. It's in the section right above 'Reviews' on the Amazon listing.
Thanks again for being part of this ultra-limited tester group! I'll be sure to keep you updated of future initiatives like this via email. 
I'll look out for your email at with the order details. My Paypal is ready and waiting to reimburse you!
Hugs and kisses,
Scott xx
P.S if you're based in the UK, this offer is still open to you! Head to and search 'water lubricant' or 'water-based lubricant'
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